Oxygen Concentrator – KYZ2002-(5L)


Oxygen Concentrator – KYZ2002-5L


* Continuous oxygen supply for 24 hours/day 

* High performance, stability and portability

* Low noise up to 46 dB for 3L oxygen concentrator

* Automatic time accumulation function(max 15,000 hours) and automatic alarm for low oxygen concentration

* High performance, energy-saving advanced Lithium molecular sieve from Switzerland

* User friendly luggage pull handle design

* Can be used indoors, at nursing homes, in hospitals, office rooms and other places


Model Num. KYZ2002-5L
Type Home/Medical Oxygen Concentrator
Flow 0-3L/min
Voltage 220±22V, 50±1 HZ
Valve Plate Switzerland
Rated Power(VA) ≦350
Oxgen Concentration >90%
Noise ≦48dB
Operating Hours 24 hours/day
Type of Molecular Sieve Lithium (Switzerland)
Output Pressure 0.04-0.06Mpa
Display LCD
Size 330*315*580mm
Weight 15.0kg



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