Magnetic Stirrer Model : HJ-3A


HJ-3A Stable Temperature Magnetic Stirrer

 -HJ-3A Timing constant magnetic stirrer was made according to customer requirements to improve, and with a constant temperature and constant speed control of a new experimental equipment. The instrument is equipped with temperature setting and measuring the speed stepless adjustable in order to have and the temperature, speed, digital display, is intelligent temperature magnetic stirrer apparatus. Heating coil with high-quality stainless steel, corrosion-resistant.

-The instrument is widely used among major colleges, environmental protection, scientific research, health and epidemic prevention, chemical, medical and other units in the laboratories for stirring and mixing the liquid solution.

Model HJ-3A
heating power 200W
stirring power 40W
temperature range RT-100 °C
time range 0-120min
speed range startup-1600rpm, non-step adjusted speed, digital display temperature and speed


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