Choosing the Right Anesthesia Machine for Your Facility

Although anesthesia machines haven’t changed that drastically in the last few years, several new features make them safer, easier, and more efficient to use. If you’re searching for a new anesthesia machine or perhaps a refurbished anesthesia machine, here are some tips for making your decision:

Proper Safety Features for an Anesthesia Machine

If your facility performs surgical procedures requiring general anesthesia as well as muscle relaxation, you’ll need to purchase a traditional hospital-grade anesthesia workstation. Here are some safety features you should look for:
  • A standing bellows ventilator
  • A fail-safe mechanism
  • An oxygen sensor and backup gas cylinders

Other Features to Consider

  • At least two vaporizer ports
  • Mobility
  • Storage space

The three features listed above will make you and your staff more efficient. Some newer machines also have extra features such as computer data ports, electronic gas delivery, and heat and moisture exchanging filters that could help your facility. Those are personal preference, as they have no data to support improved patient outcomes.


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